“Jin Yong Xiqu Theatre: The Smiling, Proud Wanderer”

Hong Kong, China
By GreaterGo Marketing & Promotion
9 Apr 2024

Jin Yong's depiction of the “jianghu” (martial arts world) has inspired countless readers, making his works a precious legacy in the Chinese literary world. On the occasion of Jin Yong's centennial, Zuni Icosahedron pays tribute to the world-famous literary giant of martial arts through a combination of traditional and modern performing arts forms.

Jin Yong Xiqu Theatre – “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer” consists of several newly adapted opera excerpts. It tells wuxia stories of the Smiling, Proud Wanderer in the Naamyam way of storytelling used in Cantonese opera, including Dongfang Bubai transforming from sheng (male) to dan (female); master and apprentice Linghu Chong and Yue Buqun losing their ways between good and evil; Linghu Chong seeking freedom and mastering Nine Swords of Dugu; and Linghu Chong and Ren Yingying finally retiring from battle in the Song of the Smiling, Proud Wanderer. Peking opera, kun opera, Naamyam, and the four elements of xiqu are all employed in the performance in memorial of Jin Yong, the master of wuxia literature.

Ticketing: Available on ZUNI TICKETING and URBTIX. For details, please visit the website of Zuni Icosahedron.

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