【Slovenia】Green travelling in Ljubljana

By Darren Chan
19 Jun 2024

Green travelling in Ljubljana

Nowadays, “green Living” has become a prevalent style, which can be applied to entertainment, consumption, culinary habit, and even travelling. The core value of “green living” is to be more environmentally friendly. Welcome to Ljubljana. In this city, you can practise “green living” in your every move and have a taste of genuine green life.


Lying in the middle of the territory, Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. Besides, it is one of Europe's greenest and most livable capitals, holding the title “European green capital 2016”. In Hong Kong, fresh air has become a “scarce product” due to rapid urban development and heavy traffic. Yet, it is the opposite in Ljubljana. The city centre has been car-free for more than 10 years, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to travel around more relaxingly and enjoy fresh breeze blowing from the emerald River Ljubljanica that flows through the city's heart.


Cycling around is one of the best ways to experience Ljubljana.


I highly recommend you to spare a lazy afternoon chilling in this peaceful city. The best spot for doing this is one of the many cafés with outdoor seating along the poplar-lined riverbank. That’s where to enjoy the summer breeze and have a sip of coffee with plant-based milk. Another spot that impresses me much is Congress Square, which is just a street away from the central area of the old town. Everyone there is busy doing nothing but enjoying themselves the best green time of the day in the park. If you come during summertime, you will be right in time for a free screening at the open-air cinema where locals like to gather for.


For most tour agencies in Hong Kong, Ljubljana has always been a must-visit city on the Balkan tour itinerary, consisting of at least five to six countries on the Balkan Peninsula within a trip of ten days and even more. Among all those attractions in this capital city, the Ljubljana castle has to be the most iconic one. Castles in European countries usually offer the best vantage point for city view, and the Ljubljana Castle is no exception. Sitting on the top of the mountain, the castle can be seen almost from everywhere in the city. I was amazed by the exhibitions and the games they prepared for visitors to learn about Ljubljana. “Time Machine” activity was the one I had great fun with. I was led by six historical figures to six different historical periods to look into the old Ljubljana and Slovenia. What a wonderful time-travelling experience! After coming down from the castle, you can head for the old town of Ljubljana to be surrounded by the nostalgic vibe. The best way to experience the old town is by walking, and looking closely at everything that interests you.


Beautifully crafted fountain in the historical centre of the city.


In this bike-friendly capital, I had the best time cycling around, and experienced the city through the eyes of a local. There are a lot of organic and vegetarian restaurants I will come back for. After the trip to Ljubljana, I started to appreciate the idea of “green travel” more, which makes travelling more environmentally-friendly. Let’s do our part to make sustainability work!

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