【GreaterDive】Experience a Christmas in Summer: Sabah, "The Land Below the Wind"

By GreaterGo Editor
18 Nov 2023

Experience a Christmas in Summer: Sabah, "The Land Below the Wind"

🎄Wondering where to have a great time this Christmas? How about experiencing a summer Christmas in Sabah, Malaysia? Sabah is known as “The Land Below the Wind" because it is situated below the typhoon belt, experiencing fewer typhoons and earthquakes. This place is also blessed with a diverse range of natural resources. You can not only enjoy the sunshine and the beaches at Christmas here⛱, but also go diving, hiking, and canoeing to have all sorts of outdoor adventures! If you want to delve deeper into Sabah's pristine rainforests, you can explore Kinabalu Park, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Discover unique and beautiful flowers and plants🌺 in this natural treasure trove and make unforgettable memories this Christmas!


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