【Shenzhen Weekend】Tram Tour to 4 Major Art Villages

Shenzhen, China
By GreaterGo Editor
11 Mar 2024

Tram Tour to 4 Major Art Villages

With the development of the Greater Bay Area, Shenzhen's Longhua New District also opened a tram 🚋 route, the fare is only 2 RMB, along the way will pass through four very different styles of art villages 🎨, is definitely a good place to go for weekend hotspot photo taking 📷 .

The tram is 11.7 kilometres long and travels at a speed of only 70 kilometres per hour. The tram is as stylish as the trams in anime, with the sound of "clanking" from time to time as it travels, and is quite leisurely in the midst of the rolling traffic, making it a unique scenery line.

Although the route is not in a busy area, there are many unique art villages along the way that are worth visiting.

Suggested Route

Dahe Station - a colourful village "Longhua District Street"
Gaoxin District Station - Blue fixtures at Guanhu Central Park Station
Xinlan Station - a cultural town in Guanlan District with nearly 100 years of Hakka houses.
Xiawei Station -  One stop by bus or a 25-minute walk to Shangwei Art Village


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