Foshan︱Mount Xiqiao Scenic Area

By GreaterGo Editor
10 May 2023

Mount Xiqiao Scenic Area

Given such a huge number of famous mountains in China, it is hard for a mountain to stand out by merely having remarkable scenery. Mount Xiqiao, which is located in the Southwest of the Nanhai District of Foshan, is one of the exceptions. Being an extinct volcano and embellished by the cultural heritage sites nearby, Mount Xiqiao has become one of the four most famous mountains in Guangdong Province, attracting loads of tourists.

You may wonder if Mount Xiqiao will explode again. The answer is “No”, as it is already an extinct volcano of 40 million years of history. You may enjoy the natural scenery in Tianhu Park, Square Bamboo Garden, Tea Garden, and Cuiyan Rock. There are also worth-visiting spots of high cultural value such as Wong Fei-hung Lion Martial Arts Pavilion.

In Eulogy on My Humble Abode by the famous poet Liu Yuxi of the Tang dynasty, the first line goes “A mountain needn't be high, it is famous so long as there is a deity on it.” I would say that a mountain could also become well-known and full of spirits as long as there are “people” on it. Mount Xiqiao, with the warm-hearted villagers and its timeless charm, is precisely the example of this. Villagers on the mountain have various interesting marriage and festival customs, especially "Mid-mountain Dragon boat racing", "Apo (grandma) Dragon boat racing" and "New Year Lion Dance". You will definitely love to join them!

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