HKIA “World of Winners” Tickets Giveaway Campaign

Hong Kong, China
By GreaterGo Marketing & Promotion
14 Jul 2023

Our friends around the world. Welcome To Hong Kong!


Buy One Get One Round Trip Tickets to Hong Kong



Planning a visit to Hong Kong? From world-class events, seasonal celebrations, as well as gourmet culinary 🍲, glamorous shopping experiences  🛍️ and iconic skyline 🌇 , there is always a pleasant surprise to us all in Hong Kong getting you inspired. 
We can’t wait to welcome you! So go on – dive in! 



FROM Southeast Asia, Mainland China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and others TO Hong Kong


📍ENDED ➡️ Southeast Asia ​ ➡️ Hong Kong

📍ENDED ➡️Mainland China ​ ➡️ Hong Kong

📍ENDED ➡️Korea ​ ➡️ Hong Kong

📍ENDED ➡️Around the World ​ ➡️ Hong Kong

📍ENDED ➡️NOW ➡️  Japan ​ ➡️ Hong Kong

📍 ENDED ➡️  Hong Kong ➡️ Around the World​  

📍ENDED ➡️  Taiwan Cities & Johannesburg​ ➡️ Hong Kong

📍ENDED ➡️  GBA Via Hong Kong ➡️ WORLD ➡️ Hong Kong


Stay tuned to our【GreaterGo】page 👀! Don't miss out on a great chance to visit Hong Kong!


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