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Foshan, China
By GreaterGo Editor
10 Jan 2024

【Travel in the Greater Bay Area】 Foshan Arts and Film Journey: Exploring Ancient Nanfeng Kiln and the Nanhai Movie and TV Town

Nestled in the heart of the Pearl River Delta, Foshan is one of the key cities in the Greater Bay Area. With a rich history deeply rooted in Lingnan Cantonese culture, Foshan is known for its pottery, Cantonese opera, and martial arts heritage, making it a renowned tourist destination in Guangdong Province. Let【GreaterGo】take you on a tour of Foshan, where you can explore the following must-visit attractions brimming with art and cinematic charm!

Foshan Travel Ideas 1: The Capital of Ceramics: Ancient Nanfeng KilnThe Capital of Ceramics: Ancient Nanfeng Kiln

As the saying goes, "Shiwan Ceramic is the best of the world", Foshan has been renowned for its ceramic craftsmanship since ancient times. The Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, built during the Ming Dynasty in the Zhengde period, earned its name "Nanfeng" due to its kiln facing directly towards the south. The Ancient Nanfeng Kiln complex blends tourism, sightseeing, pottery crafting, art appreciation, and shopping. Within the park lies the 4A-rated tourist attraction Nanfeng Kiln, alongside one of China's top ceramic art museums and the world's largest ceramic figure sculpture, "Female Attendant."

Today, Ancient Nanfeng Kiln attracts artists, culture enthusiasts, and the younger generation. It also become a favoured location for numerous films, TV series, and China's hottest variety shows. It embodies its unique artistic charm, offering you a comprehensive experience steeped in artistic ambiance.

Foshan Travel Ideas 2. A Cinematic Journey: Nanhai Movie and TV TownA Cinematic Journey: Nanhai Movie and TV Town

Nanhai Movie and TV Town in Foshan is hailed as the "Chinese Hollywood" and is one of the four major film and television production bases directly under CCTV. Situated in Nanguo Peach Garden Tourism Resort, Nanhai Movie and TV Town enjoys a beautiful environment with tranquil lakes and picturesque mountains. It is a significant hub for film and television production. It comprises themed areas like the Imperial Palace Area, Jiangnan Water Town Area, Hong Kong and Macao Culture Area. These areas allow you to journey through time, stepping into ancient Chinese palaces and enjoying the scenic beauty of Jiangnan's water towns.

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How to Travel from Hong Kong to Foshan?

There are two transportation options if you are planning a trip to Foshan from Hong Kong:
1. High-speed Rail
It takes around 90 minutes to travel from Hong Kong West Kowloon Station to Foshanxi (Foshan West) Station.
2. Cross-boundary Coach
The travel time of a cross-boundary coach to Foshan takes roughly 3 hours, depending on the pick-up locations.

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