【Eight Scenic Spots of Zhaoqing】The Vastness of the River: The Yuejiang Floor

Zhaoqing, China
By GreaterGo Editor
8 Feb 2024

The Vastness of the River: The Yuejiang Floor

Who knows a stylishly built architect for literati is a crucial military location? Yuejiang Floor is one of the four famous buildings in Guangdong. Taking a view of the Xi River from the Yuejiang Floor, which is decorated with rockery and fish ponds, is indeed a graceful activity. In the late Ming dynasty, however, it was an important venue for discussing military essentials. The Yongli Emperor of the Southern Ming dynasty once reviewed the navy against the Manchu invasion. 


In modern times, Chinese military leader Ye Ting even established an independent regiment, which was the predecessor of the New Fourth Army. The New Fourth Army, which was also known as the Iron Army, was the first regular force of the Communist Party of China and owned a military armoured car. Now, the Yuejing Floor has become a museum to commemorate Ye Ting and his independent regiment. The museum also has a collection of Emperor Kangxi's handwriting. We just simply cannot help but recall the glorious eras of the Yuejing Floor and Zhaoqing.


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