【Jeonju】The Origin of Bibimbap

Republic of Korea
By GreaterGo Editor
5 Jan 2024

The Origin of Bibimbap

Over 1,300 years old, Jeonju was the origin of the Joseon Dynasty. Today, in the central area of Jeonju, there are over 700 hanoks (traditional Korean houses), which form the biggest hanok complex in the country.


Jeonju Hanok Village was declared earlier by Cittaslow as a “slow city”. To become a slow city, one has to meet the following requirements: under globalisation, one has to endeavour to preserve its unique features, as well as initiating events to sustain them.


Declared as a slow city, Jeonju Hanok Village has unrivalled traditional charisma. It has been producing exquisite fans, handmade papers, homemade soju and many other handicrafts.


Also, bibimbap, a famous Korean cuisine, originated in Jeonju. If you like bibimbap, be sure to visit the Jeonju Hanok Village to taste the most authentic version of it.  

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