【GreaterDive】Autumn Hiking Recommendations: “Three Sharp Summits in Hong Kong”

Hong Kong, China
By GreaterGo Editor
7 Nov 2023

Autumn Hiking Recommendations: “Three Sharp Summits in Hong Kong”

🍁With pleasant autumn weather, weekends are perfect for hiking! If you have already explored various beginner and intermediate trails, why not take on the challenge of the “3 Sharp Summits in Hong Kong” this time?⛰

1. High Junk Peak

High Junk Peak is the highest peak on the Clear Water Bay Peninsula in Sai Kung at 344 metres above sea level. Starting from the High Junk Peak Country Trail, you can enjoy panoramic views of Clearwater Bay.

2. Sharp Peak

Situated in Sai Kung, Sharp Peak is known for its sharp and challenging peaks surrounded by a cluster of mountains. It offers captivating views of the four most famous beaches of Hong Kong. Due to its steep terrain, make sure you are fully prepared and monitor the weather before setting out.

3. Castle Peak

Located in Tuen Mun, Castle Peak is the highest of the "3 Sharp Summits in Hong Kong" at 583 metres. Along the way, you can visit Tsing Shan Monastery, and from the summit, you will have stunning views of both the bay and the city.


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