【Lingnan Ancient Village】Tangwei and Nanshe Ming and Qing Dynasties Ancient Villages

Dongguan, China
By GreaterGo Editor
28 Mar 2024

Tangwei and Nanshe Ming and Qing Dynasties Ancient Villages

To explore how Dongguan looked like in the past, it is necessary to visit the ancient villages in Tangwei and Nanshe. Walking around the villages allows you to find out how Dongguan was like in the Ming and Qing dynasty.


The two ancient villages are not far from Dongguan station. They had nurtured many talents in the past, especially "Jinshi", scholars who pass the imperial exam. Paying a visit to the Ancestral Shrine of Xie Yuqi (A "Jinshi") and Zizheng Mansion may help ignite your talents too! 

"Lianxi has been a place of literature since ancient times, and poetry and rituals have been passed down for hundreds of years." The "Lianxi" in this line is the Tangwei Ancient Village, which illustrates the character of the village.


Moreover, you can go to the Temple of the Hundred-Year-Old Man commemorating the hundred-year-old man Xie Yanqing. The temple celebrates the life story of Xie Yanqing which may inspire you of the secret to longevity. On the Tongxian Bridge in Tangwei, the ancient houses and the reflection of the bridge create a nostalgic feeling of being back in time.


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