【GreaterDIVE】A Spring Flower Vacation in Romantic Prague

Czech Republic
By GreaterGo Editor
16 Feb 2023

A Spring Flower Vacation in Romantic Prague

🇨🇿Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is ancient and romantic. The entire city was placed on the world’s cultural heritage list. Also have a reputation on "city of a hundred spires " and "Open-air Museums". Every year March and April is the blooming spring season of tulips and cherry blossoms in Prague. The tourists could enjoy and watch this charming flower scape in this romantic town graced with the ancient castle💋

🌷Tulips in the Royal Garden of Prague Castle
You can find tulips all over Prague but nothing beats the best instagrammable hotspot in the Royal Garden Area of Prague Castle. The atmosphere is gorgeously surrounded by the historic and cultural richness✨


🌸Cherry blossom on Mount Petřín
You may take a cable car ride to the top of Mount Petřín with 327-metre above sea level. You may enjoy the iconic postcard view of the cherry blossoms with ancient castles in the background💌


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