[Hong Kong Day Trips] 3 easy hiking trails with picture-perfect views: Lau Shui Heung Reservoir, Tung Ping Chau & Cheung Sok Island

Hong Kong, China
By GreaterGo Editor
13 Mar 2023

[Hong Kong Day Trips] 3 easy hiking trails with picture-perfect views: Lau Shui Heung Reservoir, Tung Ping Chau & Cheung Sok Island

Want to capture the “Mirror of the Sky”? Thinking of tombolo? Want to take a selfie with a 50-million-year-old rock? You don’t need to travel overseas to fulfil three wishes. A short trip to Hong Kong will do just fine! Explore with 【GreaterGo】 to see the beauty of local hidden scenes, explore the natural charms of suburbs and make spontaneous trips.

Hong Kong day trip ideas #1: “Mirror of the Sky” Lau Shui Heung Reservoir, Fanling


Lau Shui Heung Reservoir is in Pat Sin Leng Country Park, northeast of the New Territories.  The reservoir has a calm surface known as Hong Kong's “Mirror of the Sky”. It has become a hotspot for local travellers in recent years.
On a clear day, the reservoir surface reflects the red leaves of bald cypresses and the paperbark forest. The convergence of the water and sky, the serenity and the natural beauty, bring tourists from everyday life to an arresting space.  
In autumn and winter, the bald cypresses by the reservoir turn from green to yellowish orange and gradually to red when January approaches. It has become a popular spot of red leaf photography for the locals.



Lau Shui Heung Reservoir is also known as Hong Kong's Karuizawa, where visitors get lost in the picturesque natural poetry of the four seasons. Lau Shui Heung has convenient transportation and an easy hiking trail. You can enjoy a peaceful moment strolling along the reservoir, whose whole route takes about two hours on foot and is manageable for novice hikers.

GreaterGo - Travel Tips for capturing the “Mirror of the Sky”

If you want to capture the perfect "Mirror of the Sky",  we suggest taking pictures from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. With the light and soft morning sunlight, the reflection on the reservoir is clearer, and it is easier to capture a perfect reflection.

Hong Kong day trip ideas 2:  ‘The uncanny craftsmanship of nature” Tung Ping Chau



Do you enjoy strange rocks? Tung Ping Chau, the easternmost island in Hong Kong, will surely open your eyes! It is the only place in Hong Kong that has three ecotourism destinations simultaneously: Geopark, Marine Park, and Country Park. It is known for its flat island, flat coast, and flat stones. There are also different types of rocks and geological features on the island, such as the 55-million-year-old sedimentary rock Kang Lau Shek and Cham Keng Chau. After landing on the island, you will see countless check-in spots, allowing you to capture the uncanny works of nature.



The must-see places in Tung Ping Chau include “Shale Rock”, “Kang Lau Shek”, and “Cham Keng Chau”, all of them are popular local check-in attractions. “Shale rock” is a thin-layered sedimentary rock accumulated over tens of millions of years, showing a layered structure that looks like a mille-feuille. Another scenic spot, “Kang Lau Shek”, is at the island's east end. There are two unique 7-metre-tall sea stacks that look like two guard towers from a distance.

The headland at the western end of Tung Ping Chau is “Cham Keng Chau”. After thousands of years of wind and wave erosion, a several-metre-wide road was formed. The magnificent landscape looks like a neck split vertically by a giant axe from afar.

【GreaterGo】 – Travel Tips for Tung Ping Chau traffic

The trail in Tung Ping Chau is also simple. Following it, you can walk through the main scenic spots on the island. However, due to the island's remote location, ferries from Ma Liu Shui to Tung Ping Chau only operate on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

Hong Kong day trip ideas #3: “Angel Road” Cheung Sok Island, Sunny Bay



Are you looking for “Angel Road”? You need not go elsewhere but to Sunny Bay in Hong Kong. Cheung Sok Island in Sunny Bay is known as Hong Kong’s Angel Road. Next to Sunny Bay Station with convenient transportation and an easy trail, it is ideal for family trips. Cheung Sok Island is on a small uninhabited island next to Sunny Bay. When the tide ebbs, a small "Angel Road" leads there from Luk Keng Village in Sunny Bay.
Before visiting Cheung Sok Island, tourists can take photos at the nearby Luk Keng Village, which still retains traces of the wooden ponds in the past, such as the wooden piles and the wooden passages between the wooden houses on the water. At the end of Luk Keng Village are two secluded check-in spots, a lighthouse, and a swing for passers-by to discover their unique beauty.

【GreaterGo】 – Travel Tips for Cheung Sok Island, Sunny

If you want to visit Angel Road, don’t forget to check the tide times on the Observatory’s website. When the tide ebbs, you can visit Cheung Sok Island and appreciate its natural beauty without getting your feet wet through Angel Road.

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