【Hike in the Year of Dragon】 One of the must-see routes for hiking newbies

Hong Kong, China
By GreaterGo Editor
29 Feb 2024

One of the must-see routes for hiking newbies

Dragon's Back is the best place to see the beauty of the eastern part of Hong Kong Island and is the perfect finale to the eighth section of the Hong Kong Island Trail. It is not only famous in Hong Kong, but has also been recognised by many foreign media as a world-class hiking trail.


⛰️Scenic Spot 1: Sea Breeze and Shek O

As the road is narrow and crowded, it is always crowded during festivals and holidays, so you have to leave early to reduce the waiting time. There are not many diversions, but the third step is more difficult to walk. In the sea breeze, the Shek O Peninsula separates Shek O Bay from the Island Resort, and the blue and green colours of the sea water and the trees reflect each other, just like a natural wallpaper.


⛰️Scenic Spot 2: Longji Mountain Range

A few tens of metres to the north, you will reach the 284-metre-high Shek O Peak. The Dragon's Ridge refers to the ridge from TShek O Peak to Wan Cham Shan, undulating like a dragon's back. The glass-coloured sea water dances along the shore of Big Wave Bay, and the impact of the Tathong Channel and the scenery of Tung Lung Chau makes you stay a little longer.


⛰️Scenic Spot 3: Terminal Island Trail to Big Wave Bay

After dropping about 70 metres in elevation, turn right onto a gentle dirt road with little to no scenery along the way. Turn right at the fork in the road and take a break at Ma Tong Pass before heading to the finish line via a dirt road. This section of the road is uneven and slightly slippery, so you should walk carefully. Distance marker H100 denotes the end point of Section 8 of the Island Trail. A few steps further and you will arrive at the Big Wave Bay Rock Carvings, the first declared monument in Hong Kong, which was discovered in 1970. The rock carvings have abstract bird and animal motifs, which are suspected to be from the Neolithic period.


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