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By Ann Yuen
26 Jan 2024

The wondrous Bali

To many, “Bali” is a synonym of “vacation”, which is immediately apparent in its beautiful beaches with limpid water, a collection of luxurious resorts, a wide range of cuisine choices and exciting nightlife. It seems to be a perfect respite for city dwellers to throw those mundane and humdrum routines at work behind their back, make the most out of the holiday and be their true selves for a good while. For me, there is hardly an adequate way to describe this magical island in Indonesia. It is a mixture of everything, like life itself. Visiting Bali is like going on an adventure that never ends. There is an activity to suit every soul. You can easily find your own place in this wonderland. With so much to offer, Bali never fails to surprise me no matter how many times I have come back for its lingering charm.


I visited Bali for the first time for a friend’s wedding, which was held at a starred hotel against the backdrop of the dazzling Indian Ocean a few years ago. Entranced by the sheer natural beauty and diverse culture of this island, I came back for more. Hotels and restaurants in Bali make excellent use of its enticing coastline that turns ordinary things into impressive experiences. There is a delightful bar sprawled across a rocky cliff facing the Indian Ocean in Jimbaran Bali. It’s a wonderful open-air bar where you should come to luxuriate in a relaxing drink, and feast your eyes with the fascinating sunset view of the ocean. When night falls, beachside restaurants welcome their biggest influx of guests of the day. After ordering your barbecued seafood, you can sit back under the starry sky, and laugh at your friends’ funny stories from their surfing class and yoga class today. I have always remembered how amazing it felt when the cool seawater running through my toes when I was devouring the sinfully delicious grilled dishes. Not a fan of seafood? Diners serving Indonesian cuisine (don’t miss the classic spicy sauce “Sambal” there!), vegan restaurants, lovely cafés offering western dishes are readily available. Bali will make sure you are well-fed for your adventures the next day.



The crystal Manta Bay on Nusa Penida Island is a paradise for snorkellers

Bali enchants with its spellbinding landscape. The photogenic Tegalalang Rice Terrace in Ubud, a tranquil area known as a centre for traditional crafts and dance, is unmissable. When you find the popular rice terrace swing not as challenging, why not experience the sky bike ride across the rice paddy terrace? The height unnerved me at the very beginning. Yet, the sweet Bali rural breeze “came to the rescue” and helped me relax. I just couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous scene of lush fields and endless swathes of towering palm trees from up in the mid-air!



The rice terrace swing at the Tegalalang Rice Terrace is a wonderful spot for great photos

Another height that you may like to conquer is Mount Batur, an active volcano. This awe-inspiring trekking adventure kicked off in the dark of the early morning. When reaching the highest peak, we were right in time to see one of the most spectacular sunrises and morning views in our lifetime! We got to explore craters, the most recent lava flows and other volcanic landscape, which turned out to be the most lively geography class I have ever had.


When they say “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.”, and so is Bali. When you are here, be a kid, and unleash your enormous curiosity. Bali will treat you back with tones of wonders and fascinations that know no limits.


Content source: Ann Yuen (TravelHK, former GreaterGo)

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