【Lingnan Water Town】 Shunde Fengjian Water Town

Foshan, China
By GreaterGo Editor
29 Apr 2024

Shunde Fengjian Water Town

Zhouzhuang, being the most famous of its kind, outshines all the other water towns in China. Yet did you know there is a "Little Zhouzhuang" in Guangdong Province? That is Fengjian Water Town in Shunde District, Foshan.


The river is more than 10km long, with villages sit along it. Retaining walls are built along the riverbank and with trees on the riverside. The boats sailing along the waterway and the stone bridges connecting the riverbanks have together formed a nice picture. There are three famous three stone arch bridges, namely Juji Bridge and Mingyuan Bridge both built in the Song dynasty, and Jin'ao Bridge built in the Qing dynasty. 


Taking a boat ride is a must while visiting a water town. The waterway in Fengjian Water Town has many twists and turns and different scenery everywhere. There you can enjoy the picturesque scenery and let the gentle breeze kisses your face. After the boat ride, it is a great time to enjoy your quiet and relaxing moment in here. The handmade black sesame soups from a long-established shop as well as the soft and sweet nougat are awaiting!

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