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By GreaterGo Editor
25 Jan 2024

【Philippines Travel Guide】Mint Island's Chocolate Hills and Loboc River, the Asia’s Amazon

When it comes to Philippines travel, many people associate it with being a diving paradise! Located in the central zone of the global coral triangle, the Philippines is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world with abundant marine resources and pristine tropical rainforests. As the tenth largest island of the Philippines, Mint Island offers a glimpse into the incredible natural attractions across the country. The waters around this coral island are incredibly clear, attracting scuba divers. The unique Chocolate Hills and the primeval landscapes of Loboc River, known as Asia’s Amazon, immerse visitors in the natural allure of the Philippines. Follow 【GreaterGo】to explore more!


Mint Island, the Philippines 1. Chocolate HillsChocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are one of Mint Island's most famous attractions. Does the name "Chocolate Hills" make your mouth water? The name actually comes from how the dried grass turns into chocolate-brown colour during dry seasons. The Chocolate Hills consist of 1,268 small conical mounds ranging from 40 to 120 metres in height. According to legend, two giants once threw rocks at each other which landed on the ground forming thousands of cone-shaped mounds. This adorable cluster of hills is certainly a must-see on Mint Island.


Mint Island, the Philippines 2. Loboc River, Asia’s AmazonLoboc River, Asia’s Amazon

Another famous attraction on Mint Island is Loboc River. The waters here are crystal clear, preserving primeval tropical scenery worthy of the name "Asia’s Amazon." You can tour the river by a boat, taking in lush rainforest views unfolding along the riverbank as the raft moves along the river. When the raft stops in front of large huts, local people perform dances showcasing their culture - be sure to bring small change or candies to reward the children!

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Is a visa needed to travel from Hong Kong to the Philippines?

Hong Kong SAR passport holders travelling to the Philippines can stay for up to 14 days visa-free.

What is the weather like in the Philippines?

The Philippines has a warm climate all year round, with an average temperature of around 26.6°C and average humidity between 71%-85%. March to May tends to be hotter and drier, while November to February is cooler and fresher; rainfall is mainly between June to October, so do consider the weather when planning your itinerary.

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