Old Castle of Celje

By GreaterGo Editor
7 Dec 2023

Old Castle of Celje

Castles make up an essential part of European culture. Every castle stands as a witness to the country’s history and development. Setting high on the three hills in Celje, the Old Castle of Celje entrenching on the hilltop like a flying dragon was once the largest fortification on Slovenian territory. It was erected to protect the country since the 14th century.


The earliest reference to the medieval Celje Old Castle dated back to the early 14th century. The original design only included a Romanesque palace and the walls. Later during the Counts of Celje, the most renowned noble dynasty in Slovenian history, its first Count of Celje started refurbishing the Celje Old Castle into a more comfortable residence after moving to it with his family. In the following decades, the castle was gradually developed into its scope and appearance today.


After undergoing different dynasties and World Wars, the old castle has become one of the most popular attractions in the country. A tourist information centre and a café were added during the renovation. Tourists are drawn to reach the castle for the stunning city view and green woods from the top. Every last Saturday in August, the Celje Old Castle is the venue of a traditional medieval festival. Throughout the summer, a programme taking place there offers visitors an immersive experience of the Medieval Period. You can take part in a sword fight with the knights, shoot with bows, enjoy a royal feast, and unleash your creativity in a wide range of workshops to have a taste of medieval life.

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