Morocco︱High Atlas

By GreaterGo Editor
4 May 2023

High Atlas

The Atlas Mountains are a mountain range that stretches through Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The Moroccan parts of the range are called the High Atlas or IdrarenDraren (in the Berber meaning “Mountains of Mountains”).

The High Atlas is like a gift to Morocco. It blocks the hot air from the Sahara, enabling most parts of Morocco to have a moderate Mediterranean climate.

The Western High Atlas provides a relatively easier route which descends less abruptly and has warmer weather for trekkers. It stretches from Jbel Toubkal to the Souss plains. At the foot of Jbel Toubkal, there’s a huge piece of grassland, looking up from which allows you to admire the peak covered with snow. Walking towards the west, you can see a forest, valleys and Berber villages.

Tichka Plateau is another attraction in the western High Atlas. There is a huge Berber pasture along the way. In spring, the plateau is full of blossoms. The plateau is almost the end of the western High Atlas, and going further you will arrive at the Souss Plains.

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