【Grain Buds 】Walking on the Dadingling Greenway

Shenzhen, China
By Shenzhen Municipal Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau
22 May 2024

Walking on the Dadingling Greenway

In southern China, there is usually a lot of rainfall and heavy rainfall, which means that it is the Huangmei season. Although there are many rainy days, you can still wait until the sky clears up and go for a stroll along the Dadingling Shanlin Park in Shenzhen to breathe in the natural oxygen bar.


Dadingling Shanlin Park hiking  trail has four bridges, "Floating Bridge" "Exploring Bridge", "Suspension Bridge" and "Red Bridge", starting from the entrance Guangming Grass Skiing. As you make your way up the hillside, you can take a break on the wooden benches and watch the interesting wall paintings blend in with the trees.

As we walk up the long uphill road, we can see that the road surface is paved in the shape of flowers. Along the way, the road is paved with flower-shaped paving. The science signboards along the roadside stand quietly, telling a wide range of natural poems. Soon you will see a Floating Bridge made of three rings.

Floating Bridge

When you look down at the huge racket-shaped bridge in the middle of the forest, you arrive at the Exploring Bridge.

Exploring Bridge


You can continue on your way, or go down the stairs and walk up the bridge to enjoy the view. As you walk along the greenway, you are surrounded by a dense forest, and in the distance, you can see the city's skyscrapers. Suddenly, a splash of red breaks through the blue-green scenery and a towering observation tower comes into view. This is the terminus tower of Hongqiao Park, which is also the middle station of the greenway.

Terminus Tower 

Climbing up to the Terminus Tower, you can see the Red Bridge winding in the distance, and you can walk about 4 kilometres downhill from the Terminus Tower along the Red Bridge. If you continue to follow the Greenway at Dadingling, you will see the Suspension Bridge in the distance. The city is getting closer and closer and the scenery is getting richer and richer. Walking up the suspension bridge, you can see the cityscape and mountainscape merging in front of you, and occasionally you can see the high-speed railway passing by in the distance.

Slow down your pace, take a deep breath, take a break and feel the fresh air of nature. Walk carefully down a steep slope and you will come across a wide grassy area, at the end of which is the Dadingling Nature Education Centre. Walking downhill along the edge of the lawn, you can exit the Greenway at the entrance/exit of the GuangguanRoad.


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Content: Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports, Source: Shenzhen Guangming

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