Park and National Palace of Pena - Portugal

By GreaterGo Editor
20 Jun 2023

Park and National Palace of Pena

Not far from Lisbon on the top of a hill in the Sintra Mountains in the town of Sintra, stands a vivid palace with impressively eye-catching yellow, red and grey façades. It is one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal, and is hailed as one of Europe’s most enchanting castles.


The history of Pena started in the Middle Ages when it stood as a chapel. Later, King Manuel I ordered the construction of a monastery on this site, which was unfortunately reduced to ruins after being severely damaged by lightning and an earthquake that occurred shortly afterwards in the 18th century. It was not until the 19th century that the then king turned the remains of the monastery into a palace as a summer residence for the royal family.


The Pena Palace was constructed into a Romanticist castle, a prevailing style in the 19th century, by a German architect. It is an intentional mixture of styles of Neo-Gothic, Neo-Manueline, Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Islamic, which is truly an eye-opener. It offers you a glimpse of the royal family’s glamorous life by visiting the Royal Dining Room, the Noble Room and their kitchen, as well as admiring their gorgeous painted walls and numerous royal collections. Then, you can embrace the stunning view of the town of Sintra from the tower. It would occur to you as if the clock was turned back, and you were the king of the country.

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