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By GreaterGo Editor
21 Dec 2022

[Exploring Eastern Europe’s Castles] Bran Castle, Peleş Castle and Săpânța Merry Cemetery: The top three must-see attractions in Romania

Want to explore mysterious mediaeval castles? Then you must visit Romania, which is one of the countries along the Belt and Road Initiative. Besides the centuries-old castle and palace, Romania is also famous for the vampire castle. Together with Greater Go, let's explore the mysterious castles in Eastern Europe now!


Romanian Adventurous Attraction 1. Bran Castle

The first adventure in Romania must be a visit to Bran Castle, the iconic 14th-century fortress built for military defence originally. The castle gained worldwide fame as the vampire castle when it was used as a setting for Irish novelist Bram Stoker's famous novel "Dracula".

The castle stands on a small hill and looks gloomy and mysterious from a distance, making people wonder if vampires exist. In the early 19th century, the castle was once the residence of Queen Mary. When you explore the castle, you can appreciate the furniture and furnishings at that time, as if you were travelling to the Middle Ages. Only one room in the castle is decorated with descriptions and pictures of vampires, detailing how Vlad III Dracula Tepes treated his captured enemies brutally in the 15th century and was eventually implicated as the ancestor of bloodthirsty vampires.


In addition to the historical stories of the castle, the terrace on the top floor overlooks the layout of the castle's atrium. It offers a breathtaking view of the landscape, making it a relaxing moment away from the hustle and bustle.


Romania Adventurous Attraction 2. Peleş Castle


Peleş Castle is also one of the famous castles in Romania. Formerly a summer resort for the Romanian royal family, the castle was built in 1873 by Austrian architects. Overall, it is well-preserved and considered a relatively modern castle in Europe.


Surrounded by mountains and rivers, it is subtly integrated into nature. While walking around the castle, you can imagine the luxurious life of the royal family at that time and learn more about their life! The exterior reflects the style of the German Renaissance, and the interior is magnificent, decorated with different types of handicrafts.


Romania Adventurous Attraction 3. Săpânța Merry Cemetery

The colourful Săpânța Merry Cemetery is a cemetery in Săpânța village in Maramureş county. It was established by the woodcarving artist Stan Ioan Pătraș. In contrast to the solemn and cold atmosphere of a typical cemetery, each tombstone is painted with colours, and the cross at the top is decorated with a relief depicting the daily scenes or important events in the deceased's life. The lively paintings and humorous epitaphs share happiness and fade away the heavy atmosphere of death. The cemetery allows you to appreciate different ways of remembrance during your trip to Eastern Europe. Would you like your tombstone to be colourful as well?

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Q1. How to apply for a Romania visa?

Romania has granted visa-free access to HKSAR Passport holders for up to 90 days.




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