【GreaterDive】Discover the Vibrant Summer in Jiangmen

Jiangmen, China
By GreaterGo Editor
28 Aug 2023

Discover the Vibrant Summer in Jiangmen

Make the most of your summer holiday by embarking on a quick journey in Greater Bay Area to discover the picturesque beauty of nature in Jiangmen!

🌳Green Forest: Qixingkeng Provincial Natural Area

This untouched forest has an exceptional natural ecological environment. With green hills resembling islands and misty clouds like a sea, it looks like a magical paradise.

🌊Blue Seaside: Xiachuan Island

Xiachuan Island is a small sea island with crystal clear waters stretching endlessly, presenting a stunning view that adds a cool touch to your summer.

🌄Orange Sunset: Longxi Lake Park

Apart from the forest and island in Jiangmen, you can encounter a romantic sunset with hues of orange, where the colourful twilight blends harmoniously into the cityscape at Longxi Lake Park in the Jianghai Area.


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