Subtropical Style: Shuangchuan Island, Taishan

Jiangmen, China
By GreaterGo Editor
18 Mar 2024

Subtropical Style: Shuangchuan Island, Taishan

Did you know there is an island in Guangdong where lots of Portuguese used to reside on besides Macao? The island has even got a Portuguese name! That is the Shangchuan Island in Waihai, Taishan. Before Portuguese colonised Macao, many Portuguese businessmen had been living on Shangchuan Island. At that time, the island was known as Ilha São João. 


Since sea ban was implemented in the Ming dynasty, Lampacao (Nanshui Town now) in Zhuhai was first opened as the temporary port and later Macao for foreign merchants to settle and trade. Therefore, Shangchuan Island did not become a Portuguese colony. The famous missionary, St. Francis Xavier, preached and passed away due to an illness in Shangchuan Island. Devout Catholics can visit his cemetery to commemorate this legendary missionary and feel his devoted spirit of preaching in the Fast East in the chapel. 


If you read the weather forecast of the Hong Kong Observatory regularly, you may recall that the forecast of South China Coastal Waters always covers the weather of “Shangchuan Dao”. In fact, “Shangchuan Dao” refers to the Shadi Fishing Port on Shangchuan Island. You can try to fish there during the day and enjoy the sunset of the port at night. The scenery of sunset in the port is as lovely as that in Victoria Harbour. How chilled! Mount Qipan was the base of the renowned Cantonese pirate Cheung Po Tsai. Legend has it that there is a cave full of treasure on the forested mountain. If you cannot find treasure in Cheung Po Tsai Cave in Hong Kong, why not try your luck on Mount Qipan?


Next to Shangchuan Island, there is Xiachuan Island which is famed for its beautiful beaches. With trees dancing in the wind, it is the best spot for a relaxing vacation. While Shangchuan Island is like a sea lion, Xiachuan Island has the shape of a seagull. What an echo of its neighbouring island! Spending your weekend on the two islands, you will feel relaxed inside out!

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