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Islamic Republic of Iran
By GreaterGo Editor
20 Dec 2022

[Middle East Travel Guide] Top 3 must-see Iran tourist attractions: Golestan Palace, Mahallu Salt Lake and Tehran Grand Bazaar

Iran, one of the countries along the Belt and Road Initiative, is full of mystery. Every corner of its cities has a history of over a thousand years. If you are interested in visiting the Middle East, how can you miss Iran? Here are Iran's top three must-see attractions from GreaterGo, with  comprehensive information for you!


Iran tourist attractions #1: UNESCO World Heritage Site - Golestan Palace

The first stop for many travellers to Iran is the capital city, Tehran, and the top attraction there is the Golestan Palace, a  UNESCO World Heritage Site! The name “Golestan Palace” means rose garden in Persian, implying its extraordinary beauty. The palace's oldest building in Tehran was officially listed as a World Heritage Site in 2013.


The Hall of Mirrors is the most famous place of the seven buildings across the entire palace, which the royal family used as a living room. With lots of mirrors in the hall, even a little light can make the whole hall sparkle and bring back the glory of the past.  If you go up to the Sun Palace, the palace's tallest building offers a panoramic view of Tehran, and the scenery at dusk is particularly stunning. You must not miss it when you go to Iran.


Iran tourist attractions #2: Dreamy pink destination - Maharloo Lake

One of the world's extremely rare pink salt lakes, Maharloo Lake in southern Iran is an attraction full of dreamy pink shades.  The lake water is pink most of the time, and changes with the intensity and angle of sunlight, from pink to crimson and then from crimson to purple. The lake is like a mirror reflecting the sky and nature, making a trip there like being in a fairyland.

Interestingly, you can clearly see white salt crystals when you stand by the lake. The hallucinatory scenery will definitely give you an unforgettable experience. How can you miss this remote and beautiful place when you visit Iran?


Iran tourist attractions #3: Iran’s historical  shopping paradise - Tehran Bazaar

Tehran Bazaar is the largest bazaar in the capital city. It extends beyond ten kilometres. The stalls there sell a variety of commodities. Each street has a distinct theme, including daily necessities, various food products, jewellery, Islamic clothing and handmade Persian wool carpets. Eating is definitely a  part of the shopping experience. You can taste pistachio, Iran's specialty. The Bazaar’s interior gives you a vintage atmosphere. On Thursday (which is the weekend in Iran) the Bazaar is particularly crowded. If you want to experience the local culture, you must visit the Bazaar!

GreaterGO -  Middle East Travel Tips

1. How to apply for an Iran visa?

Iran has granted visa-free access to HKSAR Passport holders for up to 21 days. (Remember to check the latest announcement of the Hong Kong SAR Government here before setting off your journey.)

2. How to travel from Hong Kong to Iran?

To fly from Hong Kong to Tehran (the capital of Iran), you can choose Etihad Airways, Emirates Airline or Qatar Airways.


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